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Mudflap Girl- Clothing that Celebrates the Sexiest Icon of the American Open Road
Mudflap Girl Polo Shirts Mudflap Girl Polo Shirts Mudflap Girl Polo Shirts
Mudflap Girl Polo Shirts Mudflap Girl Polo Shirts

Read The Legend of the Mudflap Girl
The Mudflap Girl is a Registered Trademark ® Image.




The Mudflap Girl Tells All

The Mudflap Girl Answers Your Questions, and Talks About Where She’s Been and Where She’s Going.
Why Don’t You Come Along for the Ride?

One of America’s favorite figures has found a new home. The Mudflap Girl, that sexy, reclining silhouette with lots of hair and even more curves, can now be found on polo shirts at: www.MudflapGirl.us

The Mudflap Girl has fueled America’s fantasies from the back of big rigs since she first appeared as a hand-cut stencil from a chrome fender riveted onto the utilitarian black rubber flaps and is now a registered trademark of Mudflap Girl clothing.

An American icon rose from the asphalt in the era of GTOs, CBs, and real Rock and Roll. The Mudflap Girl has become such a part of the American psyche that her infamous image has been appropriated by many: garage bands, biker culture, car enthusiasts, downtown clubs, and feminist groups seeing her as a symbol of girl power- just to name a few. Even the Wyoming Public Library once released Mudflap Girl themed ads to make reading a little sexier. The image of the Mudflap Girl is always met with a smile and a knowing nod.

The Mudflap Girl rides refreshed and new on the horizon. A reclaimed symbol of freedom and sensuality for a new generation, and a visit from a favorite former lover for those who were around the first time.  Marrying the high and low, the Upper East Side and Downtown, a country club prepster and a truckstop bruiser- Mudflap Girl Polos take a classic staple and ups the ante with the hottest, sexiest, icon of the open American road. It’s the ultimate blending of great clothing and literal street cred.

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Email: Sales@MudflapGirl.us
Phone: 202-997-8448
All photos are available for print and can be sent to you digitally.

Mudflap Girl Polos are detailed in the USA. With your help, Mudflap Girl will grow as a proud American product celebrating an American icon.

Mudflap Girl Polos are 100% Cotton 6.5 Ounce Ringspun Pique:
Colorfast and Shrink Resistant
Retail $49.00

Mudflap Girl Polos are offered in the following colors and sizes:
Men’s Colors: Gravel Gray with Texaco Red Embroidery, Headlight White with Steel Embroidery, Midnight Run Blue with Turn Signal Orange Embroidery, Mountain Sky Blue with Center Stripe Yellow Embroidery, and Blacktop Black with Dark Concrete Embroidery
Sizes Small to XX-Large

Women’s Colors: Blue Eyes Baby Blue with White Embroidery, Nighttime Navy Blue with First Kiss Pink Embroidery, Orange Blossom with Lavender Embroidery, Petal(to the Metal)Pink with Sky Blue Embroidery, and RetroBlack with 50’s Fuchsia Embroidery
Sizes Small to XX-Large

Please look for The Mudflap Girl Shirt to be featured on Big Brother.


  The Mudflap Girl Tells All

The Mudflap Girl Answers Your Questions, Talks About Where She Came From and Where She’s Going.
Why Don’t You Come Along for the Ride?
Why was the Mudflap Girl so popular?

The Mud flap Girl is an American icon. Almost all Americans have a memory of when they first saw the Mud flap Girl. Out there on the road, perhaps from the back seat while on one of those driving vacations with Dad driving (do you remember pumping your fist at passing truckers in hopes of getting one to blow that powerful airhorn?), maybe cruising the highway just days after getting your license, or perhaps as you made your way across state to college. No matter where you first saw the Mud flap Girl, it was on the way to somewhere!!! The Mud flap Girl was there during the best days of America’s road culture. The open road represented America’s freedom and endless possibilities laid out in front of all of us.

The truck drivers of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s were the last of the American cowboy legend. With the open country in front of them, adventure seemed almost literally around every corner; and of course, they were the only ones left in an industrialized America who still had the option to “ride off into the sunset.” The Mud flap Girl was metaphorically this cowboy’s “Miss Kitty” – the girl he held out his hand out to, who jumped up on that horse and rode off into happily ever after. Every little boy, now a man, wants to be THAT cowboy and every little girl, now grown into a beautiful woman wants to be that lucky lady, or in this case, Trucker Lady. For a time (and here at The Mudflap Girl, we think that time is ALL the time!!! ) the Mud flap Girl was the symbol of that universal fantasy.

Similar to her archetypal association with the American Cowboy, the Mud flap Girl also has a close association with biker culture. The same freedoms and the promise of the open road that truckers represented in the 40’s and 50’s, bikers and their biker babes represented in the 60s and 70s, with a good dose of counter-culture thrown in. At the same time that the Mud flap Girl was starting to first be commercially produced by Wiz Enterprises in Long Beach, California, movies like “ Easy Rider “ with its’ central anti-hero Captain America were showing just how cool riding a chopper was. Although the Mud flap Girl wasn’t originally connected with that second-seat Harley woman, she certainly had the same fantasy figure and just by close proximity, the Mudflap Girl and the biker babe became one in the mind of Americans looking for an open road adventure.

I’ve seen the Mudflap Girl before but my friends called her something else. Why?

The Mudflap Girl was created by Stewart Allen purely as an outline; a stenciled, personal tribute to his wife Rachel Ann. The image itself never really had a name. The Legend of the Mudflap Girl is a page on this site. Unlike the super-slick and market-saturated pop tarts of today, the popularity of the Mudflap Girl grew organically and by word of mouth. So as she made her way across America, she was given a different name in different areas. Every viewer brought his own perspective to her visage. Even when Wiz Enterprises began to produce the image commercially the mudflaps with the sexy silhouette were only identified as a catalogue item number.

So the girl on the mudflaps of Stewart Allen’s truck became The Mudflap Girl to many.

Stewart himself used to call Rachel Ann “My Mudflap Girl” as a term of endearment and Rachel always called him a Mother Trucker (said with LOVE, of course!!!) 

Some saw the Mudflap Girl on the back of trucks across the country and called her Trucker Girl, or Trucker Lady.

Some truckers with too much time on their hands and creative minds, spun their own narratives and gave the Mudflap Girl a name; calling her Truck Stop Sally, or Truck Stop Rita.

Others let their imagination fill in Rachel Ann’s outline and saw the Mudflap Girl as the Bare Naked Lady; or the Bare Naked Ladies as they faced back to back on opposite mudflaps of each tire.

Here at the Mudflap Girl we would love to hear how you heard about the Mudflap Girl, what stories you’ve heard about the Mud flap Girl, and what other names you’ve heard her go by. Email thatsmygirl@MudflapGirl.us, message us on Facebook at Mudflap Girl or Tweet #MudflapGirl.